Star Citizen Moderator Removed After Banning Girl Gamer From Forums

Star Citizen Moderator Removed After Banning Girl Gamer From Forums

Article for for Tuesday, May 6, 2014.

Star Citizen Moderator removed after banning a girl gamer from the forums who asked for “Girls’ Only” group.


3 thoughts on “Star Citizen Moderator Removed After Banning Girl Gamer From Forums

  1. Generally I can understand why the moderator chose to lay out the banhammer. I use to be a moderator for a forum of a couple thousand users and it’s an interesting responsibility where you choose sometimes have to walk the fine line between following the forums guidelines and maintaining an open community. I haven’t read over the terms to use the Star Citizen forums, if they are like any other forum, they should be allowing the community to be inclusive and unbias. If this is true for their forums, then the user is at fault to curry favours with moderators. So banning on gender grounds would be a definite no-no, however understandable if the moderator thought it would segregate the community thus defeating the purpose of a open community or forum. This would be a grey area since it would be the mod’s decision to ban. However the most logical decision would be to do nothing and observe the thread for any discriminating responses.

    Though the original post does have some tones of instigating sexual harassment and gender segregation. Definitely sounds a bit of trolling. If like any other forum, the user upon joining accepts responsibility to her actions and may lose their account if the mods find the user breaching the terms of service. Like I said it’s a grey area because these are human factors. One may say it sounds like harassment, while the other defends it as opinions.

    Moderators are human too, usually they do what has to to preserve how the forums are operating. But they make mistakes like anyone.

    Just remember when on a forum; users are responsible for what they post and if they go against the terms of service, then the mods may or will step in to resolve the situation.

    P.S. Sorry for the long comment.

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