Looking at source code

Critical Proximity

Closed captioning available at YouTube


Hi everyone. My name’s Darius Kazemi. I’m speaking to you from my home in Boston but at this exact moment I’m probably on my way to Logan Airport to come to San Francisco and I’m really jealous of all of you who are actually at Critical Proximity. Anyway, you might know me as the “Fuck Videogames” guy but I’m actually here in my capacity as the author of a forthcoming book about the 1999 turn-based strategy game Jagged Alliance 2 published by Boss Fight Books.

My book attempts to illuminate interesting things about one of my favorite games by focusing on the material realities of development. It’s heavily based on interviews with the developers and also my reading of the game’s source code.

Now one might ask: why even bother to look at source code at all? It’s a valid question, especially when technological…

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