Do You Know Trust?

Do You Know Trust?

How do you know trust?

Is it instilled when you’re a child?

How do you decide on who or how?
Years of tears, abuse and pain
Never knowing what true love is
Never knowing if you were loved
Years of being told you’re worthless, a mistake
Pain inflicted in so many ways
How do you know so young what touch is good?
Do you tell or hide?
Is that love?
The tender touch and kisses you’re given
Is that how you trust?
What’s right or wrong?
How does a child decide?
Does the child grow into an adult confused?
Learning now how wrong and mistreated you were
Finding strength to tell your story now
No one wants to know
You should’ve said something, they say
Their reaction only worsening your soul, what’s left inside
How can you trust either?
How do you trust yourself?
When will you know the difference?


~By Venisia Gonzalez~

© 2007


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